Metal Fabrication

Always ready, always available.

Keeping your business up and running efficiently is the key to your success. At Tech Air, we get that. We recognize the importance for manufacturers and metal fabricators to keep their teams ready to tackle every job. We provide you with the highest quality gases, equipment and expertise to get the job done.

Our seasoned experts are always available to help you determine – in person, over the phone or by email – which gases and tools are best for your projects. And we will work with you to ensure they are ready and available when you need them.

Our comprehensive list of industrial gases and welding gas cylinder rentals and refills are available in-store, for quick delivery or to order online, providing a convenient and immediate response.

Our industrial gases range from a variety of options, from Acetylene and Argon to Carbon Dioxide and Helium. For more information about their properties, uses and availability, contact us.

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