Quality, safety, coast to coast.

Quality, safety, quick delivery and outstanding services are what you look for when choosing a supplier, and are at the forefront of what we do. Our medical, industrial and specialty gases – as well as a wide variety of essential equipment and services – provide you and your workers with the confidence to handle every job.

tech air construction



Productivity and safety are critical with every construction project – big or small. We know, because Tech Air has been meeting the needs of the construction industry for more than 80 years, with gases and equipment delivered right to you – whenever and wherever you need them. Family service. National strength.

tech air food beverage

Food and Beverage


Quality products and quick delivery are essential to the food and beverage industry. From food and beverage processing plants to breweries and restaurants, Tech Air provides a variety of products from blast chilling and freezing to beverage dispensing, food packaging, and more, whenever and wherever you need them.

tech air metal

Metal Fabrication


Keeping your business up and running efficiently is the key to your success. At Tech Air, we get that. We recognize the importance for manufacturers and metal fabricators to keep their teams ready to tackle every job. We provide you with the highest quality gases, equipment and expertise to get the job done.

tech air healthcare



Healthcare/medical gases and equipment are critical to the operational success of every healthcare facility. Tech Air delivers the highest quality, most precise and most reliable medical gases, equipment and supplies, so you can focus on the task at hand – caring for the health of your patients.

tech air life sciences

Life Sciences


When it comes to the production of pharmaceuticals, safety, purity and precision are your key priorities. Tech Air provides the safest high-purity gases and equipment for pharmaceuticals across a variety of end-uses, from conducting lab research to developing new medicines.

tech air universities

Universities and Research


Specialty gases and equipment are essential to effectively and safely conduct research. Tech Air supplies high-quality and reliable specialty gases, equipment and supplies that are uniquely designed for your personal specifications, so you can perform the necessary research for any job.